You may have been directed to this page in response to the patently false and politically motivated accusations against me, specifically in the post on February 14, 2018, “Broward County Judicial Candidate Leonore Greller Faces Scrutiny Over Past Ties To Loan Modification Scam”  by MFI-MIAMI. 

According to the author-blogger, "I soon received a call from former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office requesting copies of my research.. . .  The Florida Fraud Task Force raided Mortgage Mitigation Clearing House and officially shut them down. The Task Force did not give Mortgage Mitigation Clearing House a clean bill of health as Greller claims on her website."  FALSE   But I digress.

First, I direct your attention to the Florida Attorney General's Mortgage Fraud "Filed and Resolved Cases" link of the INVESTIGATIONS and COMPLAINTS undertaken against companies.  Please NOTE the ABSENCE of  Mortgage Mitigation Clearing House, for all the hundreds of supposedly alleged complaints against it:

When you are on the Florida Attorney General's Website, please also search, " Leonore Greller" and search Mortgage Mitigation Clearing House.  You will find NO RESULTS.

Now let's talk about the other accusations, such as a retainer agreement with MY NAME on it and the accusation that I split fees with the Company.  ALSO PATENTLY FALSE.  I took the Florida Bar in July, 2009.  While  I was studying for the two day Florida Bar for July 28 and 29, on July 24, 2009, Mortgage Mitigation filed its dissolution, as shown by


I WAS NOT A PRINCIPAL.  I DID NOT have a retainer agreement for which either the Company or the Homeowners signed with my name on it.  After the Bar, I  collected my check on July 31, 2009 and I LEFT.  On August 4, 2009, I made an Amendment to the Florida Bar Board of Examiners for my Bar Application  that I had left the Company.    If the Fraud Task Force invaded thereafter, I HAVE NO IDEA.  But  I do know that NO COMPLAINTS were EVER BROUGHT AGAINST IT OR ME while I WAS THERE.   

Jacque Beckerman NEVER SPOKE FOR ME, although he was my supervisor and with the Company until he decided to tell people that I was the Company attorney.  And let's talk about that.    If I wanted to be in-house counsel rather than a full time negotiator, I would have applied to become an out-of-state attorney as an in-house counsel in Florida.  A simple form would have been easy to complete compared to my advanced degrees, certifications and qualifications. 

The proof is clear:  search the  New York State Bar or the Florida Bar website to determine that  neither the Florida Bar nor the Attorney General nor the Florida Fraud Task Force placed me under scrutiny.   Search: Greller, Leonore 

Admitted:  04/15/2010

10-Year Discipline History: None

ALSO PATENTLY FALSE, that I have been a Coconut Creek resident since the 1990s.  It would have been difficult to practice law in New York, teach live classes at City College of New York (using my Master of Arts Degree), and attend live night seminars for my Ph.D.   It would have been even more difficult to long distance take care of my husband 24/7 who was  being treated in 2005-2006 at UCLA, and who died of lung cancer in 2006, triggering my move to Florida to be closer to my immediate family.   A politically motivated smear using patently false information.

Thank you for reading.   I also invite you to read My Commitment Page and  hope you enjoy the other pages of my website.


In response to the article published by a local Blog in Broward:

It is clear to me that this is a politically motivated smear using far less than full and accurate and appropriate information.  A full examination of the facts with Mr. Nevins and any other interested parties should produce an entirely different view from that which has been digitally disseminated. It is attempted smears such as these that stop well qualified, earnest, hardworking professionals from seeking public office.  I have been a New York Attorney for 33 years.  I have never had a complaint against me.  I was vetted by the Florida Bar for NINE months before I was admitted to the Florida Bar.  The Blog implies that I was practicing law without a license in Florida.  First, I was a licensed mortgage broker from 2007 and Mr. Nevin knows it because I sent him the email copied below that I had sent to the Office of Financial Regulation, when they asked me for my information. 

I was in the heart of the loan modification industry.  And everyday I helped people modify their mortgages, all over the United States. But I was not practicing law and I would not practice law in the State of Florida without a law license.  Indeed, having been in Florida since 2007, I decided to take the Florida Bar in 2009, and became a Qualified Foreclosure Mediator in April, 2010.   I wasn’t accused by authorities of practicing law without a license or involved in fraud because both are patently, absolutely, without any doubt, false.  

Let me be very clear.  In addition to me having a mortgage license, Mortgage Mitigation Clearing House had power of attorney to negotiate on behalf of each of the homeowners.  We did everything to help the homeowner.  Homeowners received modifications if they were qualified!  And every 30-60 days I made certain their files were updated. Every file in my office represented the house of a family who needed a modification.  Every family who had been one set of tires or a leaky pipe from not being able to pay their mortgage.  And when the Florida Fraud Task Force knocked on Mortgage Mitigation’s doors and asked to see every contract and conferenced with me and its principals, the Florida Fraud Task Force was satisfied that the Company was operating within the appropriate guidelines.

That Broward Blog said the following,  “Greller did not directly answer an email to her campaign website concerning her practice of law and her background. . . She did state that she left the mortgage modification business on December 8, 2011 having “surrendered” her license after The Florida Legislature passed tougher regulations governing the industry.”  The Blog falsely states that I stated that tougher Florida laws is the reason I surrended my National Mortgage Brokerage License.  An educated reading of my email shows that the Florida Agency was explaining why  IT was sending the letter.  Also, the Blog uses quotes around the word "surrendered" to create the appearance that surrending a license is negative and done to avoid investigation.  FALSE

First, the proper thing to do when you do not want to continue holding a mortgage brokerage  license that will cost $1,200 a year and additional continuing education credits, is to surrender it.  It is not the word I chose.   I would have used the word, “Lapsed” and just not have paid the yearly fee.  The word "surrender"is the word used by the Office of Financial Regulation.  I was told by that Office of Financial Regulation that the proper method was to "surrender" it.   And, I did not surrender my mortgage license because of “tougher regulations governing the industry.” I had passed the Florida Bar, had been vetted for nine months, and had no reason to require a national mortgage brokerage license which became known as Loan Originator License.

With regard to my response to the inquiry, I answered in my business and bar registered email to the writer of the Blog, Mr. N, who was the person who asked, as follows: 

Thank you for taking the time to carefully review my “condensed” Resume posted on                         the website.  On my earlier full CVs, before I had surrendered                               the licenses on 12/8/11, I had included the following:

  Florida/National 2009-2012 Mortgage Brokerage Business License (NMLS # 330139)

Florida/National 2007-2012 Mortgage Broker/NMLS Loan Originator (Individual # LO641)

Please note that the Florida License (#180660) was transmuted into the National NMLS license, and I had to take and pass the National License test as well.  The Florida Mortgage Broker Business license was originally MBB100000630, issued on 9/1/2009. 

I am also attaching an email that I sent to the Office of Financial Services, the regulating agency, regarding its 2010 inquiry, very similar to yours. In 2009 the Florida Legislature, in response to abuses and President Obama’s mortgage modification programs and agreements with the banks, modified Chapter 494 of the Florida Statutes (the Florida Mortgage Brokerage and Lending Act) and the modification was signed by then Governor Crist on June 29, 2009.  Essentially, individuals and companies could no longer provide modification loan services without an active Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Broker Business, or Mortgage Lender License.  I received an inquiry letter and responded.  No further action was taken.   Please feel free to ask additional questions. 

I will not be held responsible for the words or actions of anyone other than myself.  I am a relentless protector of rights.  Anyone who has had the good fortune to encounter my relentlessness knows that it is true. The question will be, do you trust an article that appeared on the Internet in 2009, written by Steve Dibert, a person I encourage you to Google, or do you review my record and determine for yourself that I have been unjustly, politically smeared?  Your determination will decide whether or not to vote for me.  

Thank you for reading this Response.  I hope you have found it informative. 







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