Attorney Leonore Greller is a Florida Supreme Court Certified County, Circuit Civil and Family Mediator, Special Master and Qualified Arbitrator and Parenting Coordinator (11th and 17th Circuits).  She has over thirty-three years of experience as a civil litigator and negotiator in commercial, contract, insurance and family law.  With her Qualifications and Certifications, attorney Greller serves as a full time ADR Professional; as an Arbitrator and Mediator on pre-litigation and litigation of foreclosure (and GAL), insurance (PIP, commercial and residential property damage including water restoration), CAP-RV Lemon Law, debt collection, commercial and breach of contract cases.  She has taught negotiation skills and communication and cultural diversity at the university level in New York City and to lawyers and university students internationally.  With her Masters in Media, Culture and Communication, her candidacy for her second doctorate in Sociological Communication and her Juris Doctor, she has not only written and taught about mediated communication, but Attorney Greller has  also litigated, arbitrated, facilitated and negotiated more than one thousand simple and complex cases.  She also continues the tradition taught to her by her summer internship and first year associate mentors with whom she is still in contact (one endorses her as a mediator and arbitrator on LinkedIn), both now having ninety-five years of experience between them.   To do so, she shares her strategic skills, knowledge and experience with young lawyers and law students, contributing as a many-year mentor and judging both Lower and Upper Moot Court and Trial (AAJ SAC) Competitions.  Attorney Greller is also a guest speaker at mediation and trial advocacy classes at local law schools such as NSU and co-developed in 2012 and 2014 and presented at the 2013 and 2015 Broward County Bench and Bar Conventions (BCBA).  A member of the BCBA, former officer of the former North Broward County Bar Association,  Member of the ADR and Secretary of the Bench and Bar Committee, Leonore uses her education and experience to focus, to listen to and to understand the interests and legal positions of the parties, without which neither a finding of fact nor a resolution in law is possible. 

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